Module 13-Online Reputation Management

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Module 13-Online Reputation Management

duration:1 hour

Needed for Certification

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ORM (Online reputation management) is process of monitoring the status of your business on internet by managing the negative content that is destroying the reputation and using customer feedback solutions to give them satisfactory results. Here you are going study about When You Should Worry about Reputation? What Should You Aim for about Reputation? How to Manage Online Reputation.

Learning Duration of this module

2 Hours

Practical Classes assigned to get in dept knowledge

X hours

Tools you will use in this module


You will be eligible for the following Certification, after completing this module



    First step to digital Marketing

    Overview of the complete course
    What is marketing?
    What is digital marketing?
    Understanding the Process
    Why Digital Marketing Wins Over traditional Marketing?
    Understanding Digital Marketing Process
    How to increase the Visibility
    Types of visibility
    Learn with examples
    Learn to engage Visitors
    What is engagement?
    Importance of engagement
    Examples of engagement
    Targeting the right Traffic
    Inbound Marketing
    Outbound Marketing
    Convert Traffic to leads
    Types of Conversion Understanding the Leads
    Knowing the Conversion Process
    Retaining your Costumers
    Why it is Important?
    Types of Retention
    Performance Evaluation
    Why it is Important?
    Tools Needed
    Know more about the Current Digital trends



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