Module 2-How to create website without coding

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Module 2-Plan and create your website

duration:1 hour

Needed for Certification

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WordPress offers ample blogs and websites. Find out how to make your own website with this powerful publication CMS platform. Our expertise trainers will assist you get the foremost out of the self-hosted version of WordPress and build rich feature blogs and websites. The trainers will explain a way to produce and publish posts and pages; customize your website with numerous themes, widgets, and custom menus; and extend WordPress even more with plug-in. plus, find out how to induce additional readers with social media sharing and comments, and the way to regulate the settings that keep your website safe and secure.

Learning Duration of this module

2 Hours

Practical Classes assigned to get in dept knowledge

X hours

Tools you will use in this module


You will be eligible for the following Certification, after completing this module



    Plan and create your website Introduction Welcome

    Domain name Suggestion & Hosting
    Introduction to WordPress
    What is Wordpress?
    Difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com:
    Get started with wordpress
    Working procedure of wordpress
    Installation of WordPress
    Working with WordPress site
    Working with WordPress admin panel
    Working with WordPress toolbar
    Post Creation
    Introduction to posts
    Difference between Posts and pages
    Create a new post
    the post editor view
    Using content editorial toolbar to create and format the text
    Difference between Categories and tags
    Learn to use categories and tags
    Learn to use revisions
    Publishing and scheduling posts
    Learn to Use different post formats
    Add a media
    How media elements works on Wordpress
    Updating post and pages with images
    Moving an image to a new location
    Creating a galleries for images
    Featured images for blogs and post
    Using the other sites images
    Adding YouTube and similar sites content
    Using the audio and video
    Page Creation
    Need for pages
    Creating your first page
    Using templates for pages
    Page hierarchy creation
    All about the Website Appearance
    Dividing the style and content
    Introduction to themes and their working
    Introducing the Customizer
    Previewing, installing, and changing themes
    Customizing your theme
    know make user-friendly navigation
    Creating and customizing menus
    Using widgets
    Using widgets and custom menus
    Customizing the home page display
    Introducing and installing third-party themes
    Enhancing WordPress with plugins
    Introduction to plugins and their working
    Searching, Examining and selecting plugins
    Installing, activating, and upgrading plugins
    List of useful plugins for beginner
    A sample set of plugins on the demo site
    Sidebar: Addressing the myth of the must-have plugin
    Users and the User Profiles
    How WordPress manages users
    User profile updating
    Gravatar profile Creation
    WordPress's user roles and capabilities
    Adding and managing users
    Configuring settings
    Plug and play and beyond
    general settings
    Changing the site language
    Writing and reading settings Configuration
    default category Updating
    media and permalinks settings Configuration
    Improve and interacting with the readers
    Setting up for discussions (comments) on your site
    comments and spam Management
    Using social sharing to reach new readers
    Site Security and maintenance
    safety and security with Wordpress
    Keeping up to date
    hosting, plugins, and third-party services Security
    resolving the white screen of death
    Further steps into the world of WordPress
    Moving content from one WordPress site to another



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