Module 5-Google Analytics

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Module 5-Google Analytics

duration:1 hour

Needed for Certification

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Do you wish to know more about your visitors and the way your content is performing? Whether or not you run an internet site for a home business or an oversized corporation, Google Analytics is that the industry standard for following, analyzing, and reportage web site information. Knowing the way to use Google Analytics properly can assist you live web site traffic, SEO, engagement, ad revenue, and even on social media activity. This course shows you the way to set up your business in Google Analytics and pull together insights from every of the reports. Our trainers make a way to interpret your results, produce and track goals, and use choices like dimensions and segments to know in depth. Every tutorial is practical and succinct; relating the options you may use most in your every day analytics work flow.

Learning Duration of this module

2 Hours

Practical Classes assigned to get in dept knowledge

X hours

Tools you will use in this module


You will be eligible for the following Certification, after completing this module



    Google Analytics

    Need for Google Analytics
    Working of Google Analytics
    Key definitions
    Getting Started
    account overview
    Account Creation
    tracking tag Installation
    Customizing account properties
    Loading demo data into Google Analytics
    Core concepts
    Report Reviewing
    Measure the sources
    Metrics and dimensions
    Navigating the interface
    Interface Exploring
    Date range Configuration
    Annotations Usage
    graphs Interface
    data table utilization
    Using Reports
    Introduction to segmentation
    Setting up basic filters
    Setting up OR vs. AND filters
    Audience Reports
    What are audience reports?
    Reviewing audience overview
    Audience demographics and interests
    Reviewing Geographical data
    Using the behavior report to see engagement
    Using the technology report to see devices used on-site
    Acquisition reports
    What are Acquisition reports?
    Acquisition report Overview
    Viewing the All Traffic report by channels
    Viewing the All Traffic report by source and medium
    Exploring referral traffic within the All Traffic report
    Social Reports
    overview of Social reports
    Network referrals
    Tracking shared content with the Landing Pages report
    Measuring the value of social with the Conversions report
    Overview on SEO reports
    Reviewing queries or keywords
    Reviewing landing pages
    Behavior reports
    What is Behavior reports ?
    Using Site Content reports
    Review site speed
    Tracking Events
    A closer look at event tracking
    Reviewing event reports
    Conversion Reports
    Configuring goals
    Exploring goal reports
    Additional Features
    Emailing reports
    Real-time data
    Adding custom campaign tracking
    Creating and customizing dashboards
    Audit analytics with Tag Assistant
    Next steps



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