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Module 8-SMM

duration:1 hour

Needed for Certification

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Social media marketing is the process of using the social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Social networking websites are based on building virtual communities, which allow consumers to express their needs, wants and values, online. Social networking sites act as word of mouth or more accurately, e-word of mouth. Xlentfacilities’s Advanced Social Media Marketing Course provides knowledge and helps a professional develop the skill to connect your consumers and audiences to your businesses that share the same needs, wants, and values and learns more about utilizing the social networking websites as a marketing tool.

Learning Duration of this module

2 Hours

Practical Classes assigned to get in dept knowledge

X hours

Tools you will use in this module


You will be eligible for the following Certification, after completing this module




    Social Media Marketing
    Understanding Social Media Marketing
    What is social media marketing?
    Understanding the value of SMM
    A comparison between SMM and SEM
    Tweeter Marketing
    Get started with twitter
    The big picture of twitter
    Create a brand presence
    Explore the twitter interface
    Define your objective
    Develop communication guidelines
    Tweet on twitter
    Write high quality tweets
    Evaluate tweet frequency
    Use retweets an quotes
    Understanding Hashtags
    Embed Photos and videos
    Build your presence on twitter
    Attract followers
    Choose who to follow
    Find relevant topics and conversations
    twitter Next steps
    Tools for twitter
    Customer needs considerations
    The controversy of buying followers
    Facebook Marketing
    Understanding Facebook
    Facebook terminologies
    Differentiating Fan page, profile page, group
    All Bout Facebook business page
    Creating Facebook Page (practical)
    Tips to create Posts
    Assignment: Get Likes, Creating posts, Joining Groups
    What is EDGE Rank?
    Understanding Triple C principle
    Tips on Fan Engagement,
    Engagement techniques in Groups
    Tips to get more Fans and marketing techniques
    How to use Facebook Power editor
    What is power editor
    How to navigate power editor
    How to manage Ads and Campaigns with power editor
    Structure of advertisements
    How to create ads and campaigns
    Manage ads and campaigns in Bulk
    Mange campaigns in Bulk with Excel
    How to bulk upload Ad images
    How to organize campaigns
    Understanding payment modules- CPC VS CPM VS CPA
    Understand bid Nuances
    Manage pages with power editor
    Publish and unpublished page posts
    How to work with custom audiences
    Custom audiences in Ads manager
    Custom audiences with Web traffic
    Create a look alike audience
    Use custom audiences in Ads
    Advanced power editor features
    Create duplicate Ads with different targeting
    Create duplicate Ads with different images
    Move Ads between Accounts
    How to use the Facebook Pixel
    How to create the Facebook pixel
    How to use the Facebook pixel with Google tag manager
    How to optimize for conversions
    Facebook business manager
    How to set up your business on Facebook
    How to navigate business manager
    How to set up Roles and permissions
    Facebook retargeting
    How to retarget on Facebook
    How to use a third party retargeting platform
    Overview of Facebook marketing partners
    YouTube Marketing
    Video ranking tools
    How to Sell In Videos
    Custom Thumbnails
    How to Create Multiple Accounts
    How to Protect Your Channel
    YouTube Fast Ranking Formula
    Tools You Need
    How To Monetize Your Videos
    Saturation Strategy
    Regular YouTube Videos
    Linkedin Marketing
    Get started with LinkedIn ads
    Introduction to Marketing on LinkedIn
    Set up your LinkedIn profile
    Post organic content on LinkedIn
    Create a Company Page on LinkedIn
    Manage your Company Page
    LinkedIn Advertising Fundamentals
    Navigate Campaign Manager
    Set up your advertiser account
    Getting Started with LinkedIn Advertising Products
    Content marketing 101
    Get started with Sponsored Content
    Set up your first Text Ads campaign
    Fundamentals of Sponsored InMail
    Bid, Budget, Schedule
    Set up bid, budget, and scheduling
    Navigate billing details
    Set up payment and apply coupon codes
    Crash Course on Metrics, Reporting, and Optimization
    Navigate Campaign Manager reporting
    Set up and measure conversions
    Next steps



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