Module 9-Making money using Affiliate Marketing

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Module 9-Making money using Affiliate Marketing

duration:1 hour

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Grow your business with affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs have plenty of perks for your promoting and branding efforts. They use a network of skilled marketers to market your product, which solely get paid once those product get sold. find out how to start out your own affiliate program with the following tips from affiliate promoting specialists, United Nations agency who looks at totally different program structures, compensation models, terms and policies, and much more. Then they show you ways to launch your program and recruit and manage affiliates.

Learning Duration of this module

2 Hours

Practical Classes assigned to get in dept knowledge

X hours

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    Making money using Affiliate Marketing

    Learn from a scratch
    Understanding the Top Level Affiliate Course
    Understand how affiliate model works
    Select a suitable category & most profitable affiliate marketing category
    Selecting the right product to promote
    Get more sales by adding a value to the exciting product
    Know all about Link and Sales Tracking
    Full guide to creating a profitable email funnel
    First step to create a profitable funnel
    Need for funnel
    Learn to create an Opt-in Pages with high conversion
    Automated follow ups on email
    Amazing Case Study: My evil email marketing experiment!
    Get targeted traffic from YouTube to your offer
    Defining video marketing
    Fundamentals of a high converting video
    Research the Keyword and target audience
    Ways to create a video that sells
    Get REAL YouTube views
    Get targeted traffic from Solo Ads to your offers
    Definition a solo ad?
    How to create a great solo ad swipes
    Best solo ad sources and how to find high quality solo ads
    Add ons: List of solo ad swipes
    More traffic sources
    Get a huge traffic using Facebook ads
    Get a targeted traffic from Q&A websites without being banned
    Recap of the entire course!
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